Winter of Blockchain

Winter of Blockchain

What is winter of blockchain?

Winter of Blockchain is a 3-month long open source contribution program for contributing to Blockchains and Blockchain related projects like Blockchain Games, Protocols, Community Platforms, DeFi and other Services and Products. The program is chain-agnostic and it will give an opportunity for new developers to make a career in Blockchain Industry.

Who can participate?

The program is open for anyone worldwide with 50% seats reserved for diverse and underrepresented groups.

Mentor Application

The mentors should have relevant experience as a professional programmer, technical writer or open-source contributor in any programming language of their choice. The experience with Blockchain technologies is a plus as every project will have a few seats reserved for such mentors.

Mentee Application

The mentees can be any beginner programmer who have written some lines of code in their life. The first week of program will teach you how to make open source contribution as well as about what Blockchain is and how to make a career in Blockchain Industry so don’t worry about the details and just take a leap.

Project Submission


From the biggest of blockchain companies to anyone who is getting started as an entrepreneur are welcome to submit their project. The only two conditions are the projects need to pay a compulsory fee to get listed into the program or they can even sponsor on higher levels to get more benefits out of this program. This fee or sponsorship will be used for running the program and rewarding the top performers. Apart from this, the projects should have Github repositories open for contribution with labels including tech-stack, some documentation/introduction and level of development clearly.

Looking to Volunteer? Shoot us an email on
Winter of Blockchain

What Will I Receive?

Top 5 contributors [mentors and mentees] for overall program will win a cash prize and a free ticket to Web3Conf in Goa, India alongwith travel allowance, accomodation and a chance to be a part of panel discussion on stage.

Top 100 and most consistent mentees will receive an exclusive swag kit plus a “Proof of Knowledge” NFT.

The top 100 and most consistent mentors will receive an exclusive swag kit plus a “Proof of Contribution” NFT and priority in call for speaker application at Web3Conf India.

All participants who make atleast 3 contributions in the program will win an NFT certificate for participation as well as exclusive access to the newsletter for jobs, funding and more opportunities from our partners and sponsors.

Important Dates

21 Dec, 2022 Call for mentor, mentees and projects/sponsors begin
31 Jan, 2023 Application Deadline Extended
15 Jan, 2023 Program Begins
15 Mar, 2023 Program Ends
1st Week of April, 2023: Winner Announcement

What Will Happen In The Program?

The mentors will be coordinating with different project administrators and help mentees in making a successful contribution to the repositories.

There will be special speaker sessions, pop-up events with blockchain experts, contest and giveaway in between to cheer the mentees and teach them new skills.

We will also conduct physical meetups, workshops and sessions for increasing the community interaction.

Code of Conduct

Everyone who is part of this program directly or indirectly will need to sign a code of conduct document at the beginning of their onboarding as we believe in equal opportunities and creating a safer environment for everyone to grow together. This is a 100% virtual program and any kind of verbal or written harassment, inappropriate or discriminatory behaviour would result in exemption from this and all of our future programs.

The program is inspired by GirlScript Summer of Code’s success for last 5 years with over 8,000 developers in 2022 edition from 14+ countries.
Winter of Blockchain